Fatou Camara
Fatou Camara

The Gambia’s notorious spy agency – the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) are investigating Fatou Camara, a television personality and former Director of Press and Public Relations (DPPR) at the office of the President for possible “espionage and breach of national security”, ASN has learnt.

Ms. Camara has been arrested last Monday and released, only to be rearrested two hours later. She has since been held incommunicado at the filthy cells of the NIA.

According to intelligence sources, the main reason for her arrest and continued detention is due to her recent contract with Youssou N’dour’s TFM, a Senegal-based television station that often reports critical stories about Gambia’s despot dictator Yahya Jammeh.

Intelligence sources have indicated that Ms. Camara was forced to open her email and Facebook addresses to investigators who are bent on finding some evidence to implicate her.

Acting under the directive of the presidency, the NIA investigators were tasked with finding out whether Ms. Camara, while serving as DPPR, had been simultaneously working for the Senegalese station which they see as a violation to national security protocol.

NIA agents are also looking into alleged rumors of sexual affairs between Dictator Jammeh and certain women. The have reportedly been questioning Ms. Camara about such information. According to reports, Ms. Camara is neither been charged no told the explicit reason for her detention.