Senegal based rights activists call for regime change in Gambia

By Sulayman Makalo

Published on:Tuesday, January 22, 2013

L-R Musa Kejera, Boubacar Baldeh, Dr. ML Sedat Jobe

L-R Musa Kejera, Boubacar Baldeh, Dr. ML Sedat Jobe

Scores of human rights activists including 60 religions leaders on Tuesday gathered in the Senegalese capital, Dakar, to denounce the brutalities Dictator Yahya Jammeh, and demand a regime change. The gathering was in the form of a press conference attended by exiled Gambians and members of the Senegalese media.

Seydi Gassama, the director of Amnesty International – Senegal, has called on the international community to take firm action against Gambian dictator, Yahya Jammeh and his regime to make sure human rights of Gambians are respected.
Speaking during a press conference about the current situation in The Gambia at the RADDOH head offices in Dakar, Mr. Gassama who described Yahya Jammeh as a “real dictator,” challenged the government of President Macky Sall to take the lead. He said stringent measures should be taken against Yahya Jammeh and his cronies not “soft diplomacy.”

Alioune Tine, president of the African Human Rights (RADDHO), also challenged the international community to act before what is happening in Mali is repeated in The Gambia. Mr. Tine also called on the leaders in the sub-region to act and help salvage Gambia from the brutality of Yahya Jammeh’s regime. He called for a peaceful dialogue to find solutions to the situation in The Gambia before the worst happens.

Sidat Jobe, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Jammeh regime who described Gambia’s current situation as “deplorable,” called on the Senegalese government to take urgent measures to help get rid of Jammeh’s regime. “We all know Yahya Jammeh is playing double standard in Cassamance and it is in the interest of Senegal if his government seizes to exist,” calling on the government of President Macky Sall to take urgent measures to get rid of the current government in the Gambia.”

Organizers of the press conference denounced the arbitrary and continuous detention of Imam Baba Leigh. They also decried the Yahya Jammeh’s regime’s response to the European Union’s 17-point demands set for political dialogue.


  • Yankuba Jambang

    Thank you, Dr ML Sedat Jobe. Senegal must understand that the MFDC is funded and armed by Yahya Jammeh in his efforts to carve out a Jola state from Gambia to Guinea-Bissau.

  • Lamin Touray

    Mr Jambang your allegation are based on heresay than what the reality portrays. MFDC has been in existance before Jammeh came to power. Ask yourself how did they survive before Jammeh? Who armed them? how do they get there funds?

    In my opion saying statements like these only constrain the relationship between the two governments and that only brings hardship to the civil population usually caught up in the middle.

  • Anonymous Reader

    Yankuba Jambang happens to be right. It was Yahya Jammeh’s original intent during Wada’s reign, but now he knows there is a new Sheriff in town in Senegal. Yahya Jammeh spent the last 16 years meddling in Bissau’s affairs, killing Nino Vierra and instigating the perpetual instability in that country for years. Now he has retreated and cannot project power there any more; or else he is a gone, pronto.

  • Reader

    Jammeh will soon know the limite of his arrogance.
    Lamin Touray,do you have nothing to say only to shoot at Mr Jambang?