Gambia: NIA investigates Fatou Camara for “espionage; breach of national security”

Published on:Monday, September 23, 2013

Fatou Camara

Fatou Camara

The Gambia’s notorious spy agency – the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) are investigating Fatou Camara, a television personality and former Director of Press and Public Relations (DPPR) at the office of the President for possible “espionage and breach of national security”, ASN has learnt.

Ms. Camara has been arrested last Monday and released, only to be rearrested two hours later. She has since been held incommunicado at the filthy cells of the NIA.

According to intelligence sources, the main reason for her arrest and continued detention is due to her recent contract with Youssou N’dour’s TFM, a Senegal-based television station that often reports critical stories about Gambia’s despot dictator Yahya Jammeh.

Intelligence sources have indicated that Ms. Camara was forced to open her email and Facebook addresses to investigators who are bent on finding some evidence to implicate her.

Acting under the directive of the presidency, the NIA investigators were tasked with finding out whether Ms. Camara, while serving as DPPR, had been simultaneously working for the Senegalese station which they see as a violation to national security protocol.

NIA agents are also looking into alleged rumors of sexual affairs between Dictator Jammeh and certain women. The have reportedly been questioning Ms. Camara about such information. According to reports, Ms. Camara is neither been charged no told the explicit reason for her detention.


    I don’t care what others would say against this, I am hereby extending my SOLIDARITY with Madame Fatou CAMARA, initiator and host of The FATU SHOW on GRTS, just as I did with Tabara Samba, Ndey Tapha Sosseh and host of others who were once in distress.
    I don’t know the genesis of Fatou’s tribulations. She is part of the domestic rot and knows the dog-eats-dog or shark-eats-shark modus operandi of the system there. So she knows who are taking the knives out for her.
    Fatu has her own media company called iMEDIA and she is working for GRTS on CONTRACT – similar to what I had in mind. Since GRTS is a swamp of nepotism, waste, incompetence, lethargy and the competition to impress Babilis Mansa, it is almost impossible to be PROFESSIONAL, Innovative and Ethical. Same is true in many Gambian entities.
    It is also a “CRIME” to be innovative, creative or conscious there. You just have to be a mediocre, half-backed and lying sycophant to survive.
    Over the past 4 years, FATU gave media platform/space to countless Gambians and non Gambians . Now that she is in distress some of those people would now pretend as if they don’t know her while others would start condemning and badmouthing her. They forget the media exposure they enjoyed through her FATU SHOW. THIS GAMBIAN ATTITUDE UCKS!!!
    Fatu Camara was brave and sincere enough to bring me in her show twice LIVE. Highly sensitive and TABOO questions including on homosexuality were posed to me by viewers live on the national broadcaster- a first in the history of highly-censored national broadcaster.
    Fatu’s decision to take up job with Youssou Ndour’s TFM is normal for any ambitious person who wants to grow beyond the Gambian swamp of “HEHANTE”, “ANYAN”, eye-service and pettiness.
    Christian Amampour left CNN for ABC and then was hired back to CNN. We have many former CNN and BBC presenters, anchors and producers who have now moved to ALJAZEERA, RUSSSIA TODAY or CCTV of China. We live in a free word with global mobility of labour. If not in one country or institution, you get it in another one.
    In Gambia, thinking out-of-the box or being your own person is often seen as a problem. Fatou is not holding full time Government job. She is therefore free to work with even the Chinese TV stations should they need her services.
    In my last interview on Freedom Radio, I said that I will work with Senegalese TV stations to produce my SANKANU DISCOURSE programme. I have long changed my plan/strategy. NO MORE SENEGAL. I am a loner and risk-taker. What I announced in public is often different from what I will do especially on matters of strategic importance. Watch out for what I am doing as of October 2013!
    FATOU CAMARA, I once again reaffirm my solidarity with you before God and Man and I wish you peace of mind, good health, resilience and protection from evil. I am NOT the coward or hypocrite to betray or badmouth you just because the people who want you out and down are currently gaining the upper hand.
    Alas, your FATOU SHOW brought colour and freshnesses to the stale and shallow programming package of GRTS.
    “For The Gambia, our homeland, We strive and work and pray,That all may live in unity, Freedom and peace each day. Let justice guide our actions,Towards the common good, And join our diverse peoples, To prove man’s brotherhood. We pledge our firm allegiance, Our promise we renew; Keep us, great God of nations, To The Gambia ever true.” Our Gambian National Anthem for the Dummies!

    • Gainako – Editor Demba

      Fatou Camara needs to be released or brought be a competent court of law. Her rights as a citizen are being violated by detaining her beyond the 72 hour constitutional requirement. She is innocent until proven guilty in a fair and open court of law… Release Fatou Camara now and all political prisoners!

      • Bamba Mass

        I want Fatou Camara to be released or charged. Her continious detention is a violation of her rights but having said that they all knew there are not rights in the Gambia and they kept supporting the tyrant. Thats why I do no sympjhatise anyone but emphatise them