Haddy Jagne
Haddy Jagne

The lady who was considered to be the first female to drive a taxi in The Gambia is actually not the first woman taxi driver in the West African country.

The pro-Jammeh regime’s Daily Observer erroneously reported on its June 30, 2015 edition that Haddy Jagne as the first Gambian woman to drive a taxi.

The first Gambian woman to drive a taxi was one Sainabou Jobe known as Nabou of No. 18 Haddington Street in Banjul.

The late Nabou Jobe was renting at the said address in Banjul in the early to mid 1980s driving her own taxi before transferring to the Kombos with her husband, one Senekeh Manneh.

“I personally knew Nabou when she was a taxi driver, precisely about 1983, 84 or there about,” former Gambia Press Union (GPU) president Demba Jawo said.

“We are proud of Haddy Jagne to probably be the only woman taxi driver in the Gambia, but she is not the first,” a social commentator added.