YahyaGambian strongman Yahya Jammeh in a statement on Thursday during the State Opening of Parliament in Banjul accused the West of being responsible for the creation of the different terrorist groups that are wreaking havoc in various parts of the world.

In a speech which lasted more than two hours, he however said the terrorists know that the Gambia is a no-go area for them “because we don’t belief in terrorism. They will not come here as they know we will send them back to their home countries were they are most wanted.”

Jammeh went on to reaffirm his recent declaration of the Gambia as an Islamic State, saying it is the only country that you can find true Islam.

“The Gambia is an Islamic Republic, and a piece of legislation will soon be tabled before the National Assembly to begin the process of implementation. The declaration does not however mean that other religions will be suppressed as there is no compulsion in religion as enshrined in the Holy Quran. For us Muslims however, we will be governed by the law divined by ‘Sharia’, based on the Quran,” he said.

He went on to describe the Gambia as the only country where you can work in the streets freely irrespective of religion. He defined Islamic State as a place where people (Muslims) worship Allah as the only God and that the Christians and other religious adherents are also free to practice their religions as they deem fit.

“We will not tell Christians not to go to church as it is not our business, but we expect all Gambians to respect our religion as Islam and we worship only God. We will not ban other religions, as Islam is tolerant and religion is private. I would not interfere as I have my own file to think of in heaven;” he said.

Jammeh went on to describe himself as a true believer of God, saying “Gambians know me better, am not violent, and am a man of God that worships Allah. I send Muslims and Christians to Mecca and Rome respectively to worship God.”

Source: APA