MinahAminata Manneh, widely known as Minah Manneh, a young gender activist who posted a video of a Gambian police officer physically abusing a minor on the highway is safe, according to a posting on her Facebook page.

“My dearest and beloved family, friends, colleagues and each and everyone of you who raised concern about my welfare and whereabouts for the past few days. It’s clearly been the toughest time for me,my family,friends,colleagues and each and everyone one of you since the incident occurred. ALHAMDOULILLAH..I managed to be taken to the safest place possible for me at the moment.It breaks my heart and rather unfortunate that I had to abruptly flee my country that I grew to love so much love, and and will continue to love for the rest of my life, due to an eminent threat I received on my life and personal safety for simply posting a video of a police officer beating a young girl with a stick.I am wearing my heart upon my sleeve saying this:I honestly and genuinely appreciate the love, support and concern from all of you. Indeed short of words to express my gratitude to each and everyone of you.Words cannot express how humble and thankful I am at the moment. Thank you… thank you.. and thanks a million.”

Minah went missing after she posted a video of a police officer assaulting a young girl by the roadside in Gambia. The 48 seconds video viewed over 20, 000 times, showed a traffic police officer beating the young girl with what appeared to be a stick, while passersby look on. No one intervened.

This is a total child’s Right violation.Since when does a traffic police officer have the right to lay hands on a young school girl cuz they were fighting??i mean we all went through this.what has become of our authorities???,” Minah said in the message that she posted with the video.