George ChristensenSorrow fills our hearts as death gently closed the door of time on a true legend from us.

As we mourn George Christensen, who is only gone out of our sight, but never from our hearts. He paved the road to success for the Gambian Media.

His kindness can never be recompensed by us but, can be written.

As a former employee of Radio 1FM, Uncle George gave me the most precious gift. That is KNOWLEDGE and CONFIDENCE.

Those of us who knew Uncle George, know he was a man who was very passionate about his work. His engaging nature was focused only on the positive. He was a proactive intellectual, a brilliant pragmatic spirited broadcast journalist who fought hard for press freedom in the Gambia. He gave voice to the voiceless. He was threatened, targeted but never feared to quit.  He inspired and impacted many lives that crossed his path. He gave unlimited access of his radio station to anyone who wanted to use the airwaves to inform, educate or entertain at any time without expecting anything in return. He was an extremely resourceful person and gave me my first ever full collection of the encyclopedia. He respected everyone no matter where you came from. He did not discriminate base on gender, religion or collective eminence. To George everyone was the same be it rich or poor. As the proprietor, he epitomized leadership, gave energy, commitment and inspiration to us (his staff) and to others with whom he worked and interacted with. His desire to help others learn and improve themselves gave us the stamina to be what we all are today.

George was a magnificent boss, a mentor, a friend, a great colleague, an uncle and a father. He was sincere, earnest and had great sense of humor. He was concerned in the wellbeing of his staff and others alike.

As we continue to mourned our beloved boss Uncle George Christensen, torrents of goodwill messages and emotionally-touching words kept pouring into social media’s Facebook group account of Ex-Radio1 FM broadcasters created by Yahya Sanyang (Article Ruler) currently residing in Netherlands.

The posts eulogize copious ways Uncle George’s work of goodness has touched each individual’s professional life. He nurtured our talents and molded us to who we are today.

“He was valiant, a philanthropist, and one of a kind genius in the media. You (George) gave me and many your time, resources and knowledge and never asked for anything in return. George Christensen you are the best there was, the best there is and surely the best that will ever be in the Gambian media. Sleep well George, you were a man with a pure heart who gave it all for a better media in the Gambian and around the world. Thanks for everything, every memory and what can I say, I saw you less than 24hrs before you departed this earth not knowing it will be my last meeting with you. In my heart you shall forever remain. So long mentor, hero and my first boss” Modou Thomas Broadcaster/Former Sunday News Hour Moderator

“RADIO 1 FM GAMBIA was like an institution – life strengthening, life changing institution, Badge after badge passed out for society & humanity to gain. Many knew each other but many too don’t even know each other. Thank YOU GEORGE! That alone is a genuine legacy of which no one can erase. ENTERTAINMENT EDUCATION INFORMATION AND FREE PRESS for all. RADIO 1 FM GAMBIA – THE MOTHER OF ALL GAMBIA’S FM STATIONS” Pa Assan Badjan is a veteran sports journalist

“My mother used to call him the GOLDEN VOICE and I called him the GOLDEN HEART, the man that made Mama Africa to be one of the best female DJ, the one that used to ask us (are you working or  F-ing dogs ) Will surely miss you boss. He was one of a kind, May your soul rest in peace” Isatou Jammeh (DJ Mama Africa) Reggae Night

“May you have good rest Uncle George… You were a mentor to many, but to me you were a father…  I met Uncle George in 1999 and I stated working for him till 2006… You though us a lot about broadcasting, without asking for anything in return… Thank you uncle, you will be missed by many in the media world in the Gambia and worldwide. The last time I see you was in 2013, In Maryland USA it was a fun time you talked to me about my radio station & everything. I & my family will surely miss u.  Thank you dad for anything you did for me .I LOVE YOU. Sleep on and rest till we meet again. Amen. Colenso Pitt. (Dj Pitt)

“He made every one of us to be somebody. I am so humbled to have worked with him” Yahya Sanyang: (DJ Article Ruler) sound and technical engineer

“We lost a great, brave gentle man. He made me who I am today in the media. We lost an icon, the man who made lots of stars in the media. He pushed me to be special to have a vision to go far in my career, May his soul rest in peace” Oulay Jaw Broadcaster/ Presenter

“One word I can describe him, he was unique, and no one was like him in been creative in his own daring way, his sense of humor and his big heart. He helped many people that I can be a witness to. He was my brother and my friend. Our dear Alpha Ngoose that was his nickname. May his soul rest in peace, sigil Len kor” Amie Chery, Eighty ndaanaan Drama Group actress /Presenter/broadcaster

“My friend, my partner and my general Rest in peace my legend” DJ Corrah

“We have lost a Great man in the media; he was the father pioneer of all broadcasters, deejays. Gambia’s best all started from the main man Alpha Ngoose Sir George Christensen. May your humble soul rest in peace.” Alieu Bah (DJ Mixmaster)

“A great man, a mentor who trained me to be  steadfast and principle in whatever  I do, I recalled him telling me “Buya I respect you for your dedication to work and you deserve anything  that a good journalist deserves, so keep it up you will be successful” Few years  later we met in Dakar, Senegal while in exile  working  for RadioAVG Alternative voice for Gambians, he told my then boss Amie Joof( “your boy is very stubborn but do whatever you  can in your capacity  to help him succeed because he is very dedicated and talented he is yet to discover  the talent he has”)I will never forget these words of wisdom from this humble soul , he exposed me to the world of knowledge , you will forever Remain legend. Rest in Peace Uncle George Christensen I will surely miss you.” Buya Jammeh a seasoned broadcast journalist

“I was 17 and just graduated high school in 2003 when Uncle George took me in @Radio 1FM – He knew my passion was public speaking and communication so He mentored me and introduced me to the world of Broadcast Media!! He introduced me to the greatest work of Max Ehrmaan -Desiderata – That man was Uncle George Christensen!!! To me the greatest and most influential media personality the Gambia has yet seen. Salute to a fallen Hero – Rest in Peace Uncle George” Ms. Ndey Haddy Jeng, Director of African Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Gambia

“The cotton tree has fallen….A big blow to the media in Gambia…. Uncle George I don’t know I was a broadcaster in the making… it was you who supported the talent in me his usurp … his usual words “R U guys working or DFing??? We’ll miss you Uncle George, Sleep and take your rest till we meet again to part no more” Yveroy the Golden Lady

“For me he knew my obsession with Radio1FM. I was an obedient fan of his station and knew its programs round the clock. My dream was to be part of its family and he made me realize that dream. The boss I referred to as the encyclopedia gave me the entire collection of the encyclopedia downloaded to my laptop and said “Now you have your own make use of it. You are an intelligent lady and I know you can and will make it” Uncle George, you built my confidence, gave me knowledge and skills to thrive and opened many Windows of success for me. You were an authentic great human, my boss, mentor and helper. You said to “Be optimistic, focus and explore the beauties of the world” The last time we spoke, you said I was doing well “am proud of you. Now what’s left go to college and get that degree! “. I found you to be such a wonderful person with a BIG heart who wanted everyone to succeed in life. Thank you for believing in me. Your memory will forever remain for as long as I live. Rest in peace Shining Star “Rest in Peace Uncle George” Fatoumatta Drammeh Presenter/Former SIMBANI Correspondent/broadband specialist

George Christensen offered us his staff and even non staff many in-house and overseas training opportunities. I personally travelled to many countries to train and to represent the radio as a member of AMARC in the Gambia. His tireless efforts and our selfless determination won us many awards. Awards that we will forever cherish.

The seeds of his labor has brought forth many bright media personnel who either have successfully open their owned stations, or transitioned to bigger media outlets, whilst others have gone to carve their own careers elsewhere. We all gleaned a lot from him.

Today our sorrows are anesthetized slightly with the consoling thought that we’ve had the privilege to know him.

Uncle George you will forever be missed, for you were a highly intelligent, vibrant individual of an extraordinarily unique personality.

Our hearts and prayers are with Auntie Mary Samba Christensen, his children and the entire family as well as the media frat, friends in the Gambia and abroad at this time as we continue to mourn.

George Christensen, was the founder of the first FM radio station (RADIO 1FM) in the Gambia. He Passed on last week Friday and was laid to rest on June 10th in Banjul.

Thank you to all Ex-Radio1 FM staff, those that I met and worked with and those I did not. To mention but few: My cousin brother Harouna Drammeh, Mosses Ndene, Auntie Amie Chery, Afry Mbye, Ndumbeh Faal, Chilel Cham Badjie, Fatou Mbye, Ousman Jasseh, Musa Njie, Fatou Camara, Ndey Kulibaly, Modou Thomas, BMJ, Saf Manga, Wise man, Artical Dav, Mama Africa, Mbuye, Pa Manjai, Musa, Artical Ruler, DJ Corrah, Mixmaster, Oulay Jaw, Mariam Samakeh, Neneh Faye, Alieu Badjie,Haddy Fofana, Ous Jallow, Amadou Jallow, Ebrima Bah, Daddy G, Pa Assan Badjan, Bahoum, Sweety B, Tida Ndure, Seedy Ceesay, Alimatou Fofana, DJ Pitt, Pa Matar Sarr, Lamin Barrow, Awa G,Ousainou Jobateh. Serigne, Sara Camara, Baby Awa, Essa Mballow, Wutang, Ndey Haddy, Mysterious, Golden Lady, Gerald, Lil Cisco, B master, Sony, Nancy Bojang, Ismaila Sanyang, Amie,  and all those who passed through Radio1 FM that I forgot to mention by name. Thank you for the support and solidarity.

Written and compiled by Fatoumatta Drammeh