Ebola Virus
Ebola Patient

ASN sources in The Gambia have indicated that the regime of Dictator Yahya Jammeh has permitted the Mecca bound pilgrims from Guinea to use the country for their pilgrimage trip.

This development came to being after Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia were banned by the Government of Saudi Arabia from transporting pilgrims from those countries. Sources state that the development came when the Guinean pilgrims failed to secure the blessing of Senegal for assistance to travel from there. Following that development, the Gambian tyrant invited them to travel to The Gambia in order to make profit from the travel proceeds.

Currently, there are hundreds of Guineans camped at the Paradise Suites Hotel while others stay with relatives. They participated in pilgrimage orientation in their hundreds this past weekend. Some are said to be staying with family and friends.
Some Gambians who have spoken to ASN have expressed fear that the Ebola epidemic will likely crawl into The Gambia due to the negligence and greed of the Jammeh regime. Some even suggested that Ebola may already be present within the country with the regime hiding the reality from the population.

However, people are generally cautious ever since the news of the presence of the Guinean would-be pilgrims within the country started going around. Reports indicate that bank tellers have started using gloves when dealing with customers due to fear of contracting the virus. There is currently fear and an air of uncertainty within the country.